Depth Enquiry


Trauma can be from what happened inside of you when something happened, not necessarily something that happened to you.

Depth Enquiry is suitable for trauma and single incident responses.

Working with negative beliefs, this technique uses a gentle listening to binaural sounds and is suitable for online tele-health sessions. The process usually takes 3-8 sessions.

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How we help

Gestalt Therapy

Our specialty is Gestalt therapy, which today is more popular than ever. In 1951 the major book was published Gestalt Therapy by Perls, Hefferline and Goodman and the first training group was established in New York – Gestalt has continued strong internationally.

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Psychotherapy & Counselling

We are Registered Clinical Psychotherapists’ and are clinical members of PACFA. We have completed significant specialised psychotherapy training, continue annual professional development and Supervision, as well as personalised therapy.

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What a relief, thank you for listening. I found the Depth Enquiry process transformed how I think about my history and now I feel more settled and comfortable within myself.

Thank you for all your help over the many months. I greatly appreciated being heard in a kind and non judgemental way, and felt very quickly that I could trust you, paving the way for me to easily articulate and express myself.

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