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Gestalt Therapy ?

Our specialty is Gestalt therapy, which today is more popular than ever.

The Gestalt approach seeks to promote awareness, creative choice and responsibility in the present moment (here and now).  It seeks to understand and facilitate a person’s efforts to live a fulfilling and enriching life with more meaningful relationships.  Gestalt therapy is growth oriented.

Gestalt has a strong relational foundation.  The therapist sits alongside a client, as a support within a genuine and authentic relationship with the client.  Gestalt is responsive to experiential and phenomenological experiences and in this way it is creative, alive, present, and flexible.

Gestalt’s holistic approach embraces a person’s whole life experience – intellectual, psychological, emotional, physical, interpersonal and spiritual.  Each of these interconnected aspects of living are considered inseparable from a person’s environment, culture and background.

Depth Enquiry ?

Depth Enquiry is a gentle and effective tool for single incident or long term trauma.  This alternative approach using headphones and listening to binaural sounds, is similar as EMDR (this is Gestalt’s version).  It usually takes 3 – 8 sessions.

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