What is Gestalt Therapy?

The Gestalt approach seeks to promote awareness, creative choice and responsibility in the present moment (here and now).  It seeks to understand and facilitate a person’s efforts to live a fulfilling and enriching life with more meaningful relationships.  Gestalt therapy is growth oriented.

Gestalt has a strong relational foundation.  The therapist sits alongside a client, as a support within a genuine and authentic relationship with the client.  Gestalt is responsive to experiential and phenomenological experiences and in this way it is creative, alive, present, and flexible.

Gestalt’s holistic approach embraces a person’s whole life experience – intellectual, psychological, emotional, physical, interpersonal and spiritual.  Each of these interconnected aspects of living are considered inseparable from a person’s environment, culture and background.

What is Depth Enquiry?

For clients who are willing to try an alternative approach to resolve a wide range of trauma-related symptoms, Depth Enquiry can be used to unblock resistant traumas and negative beliefs using a process involving binaural sounds.

Please speak with me if you are interested in this approach which usually runs for 3 – 8 sessions.

Depth Enquiry has developed from EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing).  Transforming it to be underpinned by Gestalt theory has created a deep and effective tool for use in a humanistic therapeutic setting.