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Help is at hand

If you are going through a difficult time it can help to talk to someone. Whether you are dealing with issues of anxiety, addiction, depression, eating disorders, grief, trauma or relationship difficulties, or are wanting to develop self-esteem, resilience and feel more in control, it can be both cathartic and healing to talk with someone who is totally supportive and non-judgemental.

This accepting attitude is the cornerstone of Gestalt therapy, an open and creative approach to reflect on what’s not working in a persons life. This holistic approach embraces body, mind, spirit (culture) and anything else that is important.

You will be welcomed into a safe and comfortable environment.

” At the end of the first session I sighed with relief “

Take matters into your own hands

One hour Gestalt Therapy sessions are only $160 for individuals and couples.

Depth Enquiry sessions are available, usually over 3 – 8 sessions.  Please speak with me if you are interested in this specifically.

To book an appointment in the Sydney CBD near Martin Place visit the contact us page on this website or call.

For cancellations we require 24 hours notice.

There is no Medicare rebate for these sessions. Therefore, no referral is necessary. Please check with your own private health care fund to see if it provides cover for counselling.

” extremely open and comforting “