She has been wonderful in assisting me and helping to support me through the very personal decision to see a therapist. I have felt that even from our short time together I have benefited enormously. I would highly recommend Sally as a therapist.


Sally has given me simple and effective tools to help me stay grounded in situations that used to cause me great anxiety and depression. She actively listens to what is going on for me and establishes a clear and comfortable way for me to communicate difficult experiences. Seeing Sally has enabled me to develop much desired self-awareness and self-acceptance, which has benefitted me in all aspects of my life.

As an expat living in Australia for the first time, I was struggling with feelings of homesickness, loneliness and other emotions I had bottled up for years. Sally was extremely open and comforting and helped me work through these feelings and thoughts that were holding me back. After my time working with Sally, I felt capable of working on my issues head on and know that I am in a much better place now. I can’t thank Sally enough for her help.


I have had only a few sessions with Sally, but they have been very beneficial. During the sessions i felt i could feel improvement we discussed lots of different areas of my life and the triggers, that make me so panicked and sometimes sad.

Sally has a supportive and genuinely sensitive approach and is skilled in delivering a variety of therapeutic interventions. I found her use of Depth Enquiry to be a gentle, supportive and fast tracked method of effectively encouraging the processing of past trauma. A number of weeks later I can reflect that the positive impact has been ongoing.


I came to Sally seeking help for a variety of issues ranging from anxiety and family problems to help dealing with an eating disorder. I have found her to be extremely open minded and receptive to discussing these issues and more. I have come to regard Sally as a source of guidance, help and understanding.

Sally helped my to realise why i would act a certain way to situations. Not by telling me but by giving me the guidance to figure it out for myself. Therefore learning this we could start to build on supporting myself to handle situations and make a positive change. She also gave me tasks in between each sessions to try and work deeper into my mind therefore i am always working through during and between sessions. I felt her sessions were not about grieving but moving forward which is exactly what i wanted.

I would like to pass on my compliments on the high level of support and care I have recently received from Sally Walsh. When I contacted the service I was hoping to at the very least have a conversation and vent about my workplace frustrations.I was fortunate to have Sally call me and over the following hour, we worked together on understanding my frustrations and also allowing me space to validate them. Sally provided me with exceptionally experienced advice on how to move forward and manage my workplace conflicts. She was very good at getting me to look at the situation from differing perspectives and grounding my thoughts. We had our follow up call the Tuesday which was perfect timing as I’d received bad news the day before which really affected me. Once again Sally was great at listening and unpacking my thoughts and feelings as well as offering her excellent wisdom on how to manage these and take care of myself. I truly mean it when I say it, Sally totally helped me get through a very difficult week and I wouldn’t have a clear mind and peace without her guidance. All three of the calls I found immensely beneficial to my mental health as well as provided me with tools to better deal with workplace conflicts. I would have no problem recommending Sally to anyone.

Thank you for all your help over the many months. I greatly appreciated being heard in a kind and non judgemental way, and felt very quickly that I could trust you, paving the way for me to easily articulate and express myself. I have taken a good many steps forward under your guidance and look forward to continuing in 2014.

At the end of the first session I sighed with relief. With Sally Walsh I felt I was not only in good, but most of all, professional hands. Throughout 7 months of working with Sally my life changed dramatically. I found that Sally understood my thoughts at instant and was able to either follow me and discipline my focus when needed. She did it in a very warm manner, so I felt safe to say whatever bothered me. She is honest, objective and non-judgmental which encouraged me to express myself in different forms like drawing or writing and it had a great impact on my self-discovery. It made me kind of excited to come every week. It wasn’t easy though, but still I could take out a lot of knowledge from every meeting. I became more in control of my responses and aware of happenings.I got through divorce and break-up along with finding jobs and moving to an independent place. I improved my stress management and positive approach. Finally, after adolescence full of worry and isolation I gained friends and felt more comfortably in social environment. Now I got a sense of self-worth and I’m not chasing love for an illusion that I can escape from my problems. I’m stronger and feel connected to myself so taking responsibility doesn’t appear too overwhelming. I’m very glad I could work with Sally, I got all the best out of it and having that deep and life-changing experience. It was worth enduring the effort.

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