Emotional Distress Processing

If you’ve tried talking therapy, this is a great next step !

This technique is called Depth Enquiry, which is suitable for a broad range of issues where there is distress stimuli such as trauma and single incident responses, including phobias, fears, negative thought patterns, chronic expectation of danger, body memories, grief, generalised anxiety and depression – just about anything. Many say it’s like 2 years of talking therapy in just a handful of sessions.

This technique has evidence of over 30 years as it is an adapted form of EMDR. The way we use Depth Enquiry incorporates the Trauma Model developed by Janina Fisher PhD and leading world experts such as Bessel van der Kolk, MD and Ruella Frank PhD plus others; incorporating aspects of psycho-education, emotionally focussed therapy and more.

This form is gentle and is completed is far less sessions. The client listens to gentle binaural sounds as the therapist asks simple questions. This is best done via online video sessions so you are in your own place of comfort. The process usually takes about 8 sessions (sometimes more or less) and its very popular!

“Sally has a supportive and genuinely sensitive approach and is skilled in delivering a variety of therapeutic interventions. I found her use of Depth Enquiry to be a gentle, supportive and fast tracked method of effectively encouraging the processing of past trauma. A number of weeks later I can reflect that the positive impact has been ongoing.”

Client Testimonial

Reduce Emotional Distress

9 in 10 people report or demonstrate noticeable changes from the 3rd or 4th session… and so far 10 in 10 report significant improvement at the final session. 10 in 10 who have completed the series have benefited greatly from the unexpected benefits too.

Many people experience the affects as long lasting, with no reports of regression to date, as it helps the brain make necessary changes back to a more healthy state. It can help you to self-regulate, be more fully expressive, move on from past experiences, hold strong boundaries, improve sleep, feel more joy and happiness and for many “the process is life-changing” (several clients).

The “living legacy” of traumatic memory
“Under conditions of extreme stress, there is failure of
hippocampal memory processing, which results in an inability
to integrate incoming input into a coherent autobiographical
narrative, leaving the sensory elements of the experience
unintegrated and unattached. . . .”
Van der Kolk, Hopper & Osterman, 2001



Trauma can be from what happened inside of you when something happened, not necessarily something that happened to you.

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What a relief, thank you for listening. I found the Depth Enquiry process transformed how I think about my history and now I feel more settled and comfortable within myself.

Thank you for all your help over the many months. I greatly appreciated being heard in a kind and non judgemental way, and felt very quickly that I could trust you, paving the way for me to easily articulate and express myself.

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