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Clinical Psychotherapy & trauma support for couples, individuals, families & adolescents

Evidenced based, Trauma Informed and Relational … developing new possibilities in the here & now

We are about helping others and are focused on assisting every client to feel welcome, heard, validated, and safe. Our grounded practices are open and creative approach helping to support a reflective process of what’s not working in a persons life and where there may be ‘stuckness’.

My role as a therapist is to help you see your situation more clearly.

  • Couple, Individual & family sessions are 60 minutes for $165
  • Adolescent sessions are reduced
  • We have immediate availability
  • No referrals are necessary and private health rebates are available
  • The clinic is open weekdays, evenings and weekends to accomodate different time zones
  • Cancellations or rescheduling changes require 24 hours notice

Online Vsee sessions

We have operated online sessions for 10 years and for your convenience we use the secure platform – VSee. Both online and telephone are the same price. Online sessions are also great for Couple Therapy and Depth Enquiry.

Telephone sessions

Telephone sessions are highly effective and we receive positive feedback due to the convenience. It is also suitable for those in rural or remote locations in Australia and internationally. You can remain in your own environment and find a place that is comfortable for you.

Depth Enquiry (equivalent to EMDR)

Depth Enquiry is suitable for complex trauma and single incident responses as well as phobias, negative thought patterns, helping you to articulate your experiences, working through unresolved issues, process grief, helps anxiety and depression and assist your brain move towards more healthy functioning and more ! This technique is gentle listening binaural sounds (great for online tele-health sessions) and usually takes about 8 sessions, also $165 per session. This process can help speed up talking therapy and is very popular !

Face to Face sessions

For the past two years due to covid we only online or phone sessions which are ongoing until further notice.

Art Therapy & Sand Play

A hands-on approach that can be a useful therapeutic tool for learning a process and exploring more about a persons symbolic meaning.

Workers Compensation Provider

We have SIRA Workers Compensation approval to treat workers in the NSW Workers Compensation System, SA & QLD.

It’s just a conversation,

I came to Sally seeking help for a variety of issues ranging from anxiety and family problems to help dealing with an eating disorder. I have found her to be extremely open minded and receptive to discussing these issues and more. I have come to regard Sally as a source of guidance, help and understanding.


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Relationships & Marriages

Supporting connection and safety in your relationship, we discuss the difficulties and pain, to move your relationship from rupture to repair.

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Anxiety & Depression

Learning about the experience of their clients so that it is understood in the context is vital and techniques are used to help the client become more aware of their experiences, their perceptions, and their responses to events in the here and now.

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Complex Trauma

Whether a single incident or complex trauma, a safe space and relational therapy, somatic and mindful techniques can be beneficial. Survivors of complex trauma do not start with an advantage of sense of safety and wellbeing, therapy may help reduce isolation, shame and related cognitive distortions.

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